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Travel Visa– Valid for 3 months and will be issued upon entry in the airport. Prices for tourist VISA’s is $50 for most nationalities. To prevent corruption, you will be asked to pay for your VISA by credit card.

Location– Nungwi is located in the North tip of Zanzibar and about one hour drive from Stone Town and the airport.

Taxi– Takes one hour from anywhere in town to Nungwi. Cost $40-$60. It is very easy to find one whether you are at the airport or anywhere else on the Island.

Local Bus– Called “Dala Dala”. Number 116 leaves every 10 minutes, until 18:00, from Stone Town market and takes 1.5 hours to Nungwi. Always packed with friendly locals and you might end up with a little kid sitting on your knees 🙂 Stay on until the last stop – Nungwi.

ATM’s– ONLY IN STONE TOWN, NON AROUND THE ISLAND!! make sure to use them while in town. Best ATM’s (others rarely work) are the one in the Airport and the one in Barclay’s Bank. The ATM’s allow to redraw 400,000 Shillings ($180) in one time with a limit of 1 million Shillings a day.

Money Exchange– There are few exchange places in Nungwi and their rate average 5%-10% worse than the rates in town. You will need Tanzanian Shillings for restaurants, bars and shops. For Hotels and Activities you will find better rate paying Dollars.

Exchange rate for US Dollars
Exchange rate for Euros

Credit Cards– Some hotels and activity centers accept cards. Usually with 5%-10% surcharge that is imposed by the banks. Check ahead with you hotel if you plan to pay by card. Spanish Dancer Divers accept all cards but unfortunately there is a 5% surcharge.

Internet– There is free fast WiFi and coffee in our reception for all our customers. Many hotels these days offer free WiFi.

Swahili– It is easy to get by in Zanzibar without knowing any Swahili. But, there are few word that are a must to know. Zanzibar’s people are very welcoming and almost every person you meet will welcome you in one of the following ways:

Karibu (welcome). You should answer back Asante Sana (thank you very much)
Jambo (Hello). You should answer back Jambo
Habari Gani? (How are you?) You should answer back Mzuri Sana (very good), na wewe? (and you?)
Mambo Vipi? (how are you?) You should answer back Poa (good)
Hakuna Matata (No Problem)
Pole Pole (slowly slowly)
1 Moja, 2 Mbili, 3 Tatu, 4 Nne, 5 Tanu, 6 Sita, 7 Saba, 8 Nane, 9 Tisa, 10 Kumi

That is all you need for starting a great and friendly communication with any Zanzibari you meet.

Safety– Nungwi is very safe and crime rate is very very low, tourist area and the village. Use commonsense like everywhere else. Try to avoid walking alone in Ras Nungwi Beach also in day time. Don’t walk alone at nights outside the hotels zone. Don’t leave you bags unattended on the beach.

Beach Boys– They only care about getting commission and they will promise you the world. They will take you to who ever pays them commission and tell you its the best place. Don’t ever give them deposit, there is a good chance you will never see them again. You will get much reliable taxi’s excursions, diving, snorkeling, etc.. at the hotels and dive centers.

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