Meet The Team

    Zanzibar diving staff

    We are proud to have an amazing dream team of professionals. We love every one of them and our shop would not be the same without them! These are the people who make Spanish Dancer a great place to be.

    Diving Manager David


    PADI Instructor / INTD Tech Instructor / Manager
    Nationality: Israeli
    Speaks: Hebrew / English / Spanish / Swahili
    David has been teaching diving since 2003. He co-manages the dive centre together with Shee. Happy team and happy customers is his number one goal. New gear, new boat or just improvements, he will always find something to invest in. As well, David is our webmaster. You might find him busy at all times but he manages to take 4 month vacation a year to travel the world.

    Dive Manager Shee


    PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer / Manager
    Nationality: Kenyan
    Speaks: Swahili / English / French / German / Spanish
    Shee is our other co-manager at Spanish Dancer. He has been an Instructor since 2002. This great guy started as a freelance Instructor at our shop, and quickly moved up to be a manager and part owner. You will usually find him at the reception, always with a huge smile on his face, and he will put one on yours with one of his numerous cheesy jokes!

    Dive Instractor Roberto

    Roberto (Richardo)

    PADI Instructor / SSI Instructor
    Nationality: Spanish
    Speaks: Spanish / Basque / English
    Roberto has been teaching diving since 2012. He always has a smile on his face and a joke ready for you. If you ask him, he will insist that he doesn’t care about the money, he does his job just because he loves it!! Roberto is passionate about underwater photography and video and you will often find him on our boat on his day off filming an underwater video.

    Dive Instructor Tanya


    PADI Instructor
    Nationality: Belarusian / USA
    Speaks: Russian / English
    Tanya is an Ex Wall Street analyst who came to Zanzibar on vacation and never went back. She left behind a prestige job with a great salary and decided to follow her dreams instead. Tanya walked in to Spanish Dancer to do her Open Water Course in February 2016 and never stopped diving since. In November 2016 she became a PADI Instructor. Tanya loves diving, teaching and Zanzibar. She was our first Master Baby Diver 🙂 Tanya grew up with us and became one of the best Instructors we ever had.


    PADI Instructor
    Nationality: Kenyan
    Speaks: Swahili / English
    Beka is the quiet strength of the team 🙂 He has spent more than 2 decades in the diving industry and became an instructor in 2011. Teaching diving in Zanzibar for many years, he has a perfect knowledge of our environment. Beka joined Spanish Dancer Divers in 2017. His years of experience and calm confidence will help you get relaxed and comfortable under water and above.

    Dive Instructor Myrtille

    Myrtille (BlueBerry)

    PADI Instructor
    Nationality: French
    Speaks: French / English
    Blueberry was a tour leader all around the world and became a PADI dive instructor in 2011. Because her real name is hard to pronounce, we gave her the nickname of Blueberry. Myrtille is going to surprise you with her energy. Attentive to the needs of others, the customer satisfaction is her priority, in the same way as safety.

    Dive Master Mwachala

    Mohammed (Mwachala)

    PADI Divemaster
    Nationality: Tanzanian
    Speaks: Swahili / Spanish / English
    Mohammed has been working with Spanish Dancer since 2007 and became a Divemaster in 2013. He loves diving and is officially the slowest moving Divemaster we ever had (underwater that is). Perfect for any of you underwater photography enthusiasts. If there is any special creature in the area, Mohamed will be the first one to find it.

    Dive Master Tsuma


    PADI Divemaster
    Nationality: Kenyan
    Speaks: Swahili / English
    Tsuma has been working as Divemaster since 2012 guiding divers around Zanzibar and Kenya. We originally contracted Tsuma as a boat captain. Showing his immense passion for diving and being the first one to jump in the water when needed, he left us no choice but changing his job description to Divemaster 🙂

    Dive Boat captain Idi


    Captain (Explorer) and Rescue diver
    Nationality: Tanzanian
    Speaks. Swahili / English
    They say Captain Idi was born underwater. He can find almost anything in the ocean if you ask him nicely. He’s been a captain for over 30 years and knows every reef in North Zanzibar. He has been with us since 2008. Idi loves his boat Explorer and calls it his 3rd wife 🙂 He will always make sure of your safe return and provide the most comfortable journey possible. If you sing him a song (in any language), he will be singing it right back at you in no time at all.


    Captain (Kidude / Mazoweya)
    Nationality: Tanzanian
    Speaks: Swahili / English
    Captain Haji has a natural GPS and can drop you at point on any reef regardless of the weather. And it’s a promise that he will take you to and from the dive sites as safely and as comfortably as possible. Haji has a great knowledge of the tides, sea conditions and dive sites, he is the first one we consult with if we are not sure about the dive plans. Haji has been with Spanish Dancer ever since the beginning.

    Captain Juma


    Captain (Explorer)
    Nationality: Tanzanian
    Speaks. Swahili / Italian / English
    Captain Juma has been a captain for over 15 years and knows every reef in North Zanzibar. He loves music and sings easily. He always makes sure everything is going nicely and takes security as a priority. He is a little shy but if you start joking with him, he is the first one to laugh.

    Dive crew Ali


    Boat Crew / Compressor Operator / Advanced diver
    Nationality: Tanzanian
    Speaks: Swahili / English
    Ali has been working for Spanish Dancers almost since the beginning. He has a natural smile and it’s almost impossible to get on his bad side. The clean pure air you breath at Spanish Dancer is due to his hard work and dedication.

    Dive crew Bilali


    Boat Crew / Maintenance
    Nationality: Tanzanian
    Speaks: Swahili / English
    Bilali is one of the most smiling persons in the dive center. He loves joking, playing and he is always happy to speak with customers and provide them with the best service possible. A very motivated young man and you will always find him fixing something at the dive center if he is not on the boat. Bilali recently discovered diving and he loves it. He is looking forward to get some certifications.

    Dive crew Simai


    Boat Crew / Compressor Operator
    Nationality: Tanzanian
    Speaks: Swahili
    Simai has been with Spanish Dancer ever since the beginning. He is another dedicated member of the compressor team. You will also find him on the boat and although he doesn’t say too much he will make sure your tank is changed before you even notice.

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