Mnemba Atoll

Diving Mnemba Atoll Zanzibar

Mnemba Atoll is the most famous Conservation area in Zanzibar. It consists of a seven by four kilometers reef, containing the tiny Mnemba Island. Visibility in Mnemba is usually great with an average of 10 to 30 meters.

Mnemba is famous for encounters with Green Turtles and Common Dolphins. For some reason Mnemba Dolphins really like our dive boat, the Explorer. They often tend to swim right next to it, allowing us to jump in the water and snorkel with them.

On our way back, we slow down to pass close to the beautiful Mnemba Island, so you can take some great photos. If you made a choice to dive on Zanzibar, Mnemba Atoll is a must!!!

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A fantastic nearly vertical wall dropping from 2 to 30 meters.
Ideal site for drifting along the wall and a great site for beginners, experienced divers and snorkelers.

This site is a home to a huge variety of corals and loads of schooling fish, such as Snappers and Sergeant fish to Moorish Idols. You can also expect encounters with Napoleons / Groupers / Trevallies / Dolphins / White Tip Reef Sharks.

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One of Mnemba’s best dives.
Easy slope from 6 to 30 meters and a great dive for beginners and experienced divers.

A sandy bottom full of great coral bommies, leading to a spectacular large area of plate corals. The plate corals are surrounded by thousands of tropical fish and if you look carefully you might spot few Turtles. When currents are strong, the water becomes very clear and colorful from the amounts of fish feeding on that current.

Lots of reef fish like Angel Fish / Blue Spotted Rays / Black Snappers / Groupers / Red Tooth Triggers / Flounders / Octopuses / Leaf Fish / Scorpion Fish / Stone Fish / Frog Fish and lots of Trevallies that come to feed on the reef. Look down carefully to the sandy areas and you will find hundreds of Garden Eels sticking out of the sand to feed on the plankton.

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Big Wall

Big Wall is located at the east side of Mnemba in Open Ocean. This often makes Big Wall a great drift dive.
Only Advanced divers only can dive on this wall, due to its starting depth.

A perfect vertical wall dropping from 18 to 55 meters with many overhangs and small caves to explore. Very often you can spot Green Turtles / Tunas / Rainbow Runners / Rays / Napoleons / Groupers / Lobsters.

Protecting Our Marine Park

Help us keep our Marine Park alive!!!
Please avoid all physical contact with corals and marine life. The slightest touch can crumble sponges or remove the surface of corals. This is an unforgivable intrusion into the underwater world.

Don’t litter the ocean. Even biodegradable items, such as banana skins and orange peel. They can be mistaken by fish and marine mammals and shouldn’t be thrown overboard. Worse still are plastic water bottles, snack wrappers, cigarette butts and waste food.

Take nothing out of the sea, except memories. Practice good buoyancy control, that is the key to enjoying a relaxed underwater encounter, while minimizing the risk of contact with corals or rock formations.

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