Guide to Nungwi

    Zanzibar Nungwi Beach

    Nungwi is the prettiest and most popular beach in Zanzibar, chosen by CNN as one of the best beaches for 2018. There are tourist all year round while most businesses stay open through low season.

    Other parts of Zanzibar have all inclusive hotels and therefore restraining you to stay within the hotel and it’s beach. Nungwi is different!! staying in Nungwi gives you the ability to try different restaurants, bars, beaches, activities, etc…

    You can Choose stay close to the main beach where everything happens or otherwise stay in Ras Nungwi, 5 minutes away, if you are looking for an isolated, romantic place to pass your time alone with your lover.

    Our personal recommendation for things to do in Nungwi.


    Most restaurants close their kitchen around 21:30. An average dish around Nungwi will cost in most places $7-$15. There are many good restaurants in Nungwi, so you can try a different one each day.

    Le Macis

    Located inside Atii Garden Bungalows in a beautiful tropical garden. Le Macis is the hottest restaurant in Nungwi these days due to their talented French chef. Offering a variety of fusion dishes as well as excellent tapas. Decent prices and great atmosphere.

    Langi Langi

    One of the best restaurant in Nungwi offering great atmosphere and delicious food in reasonable prices. Specialized on spicy Indonesian cuisine. Best plates are fish and seafood in Curry or Masala.  Undoubtedly, Langi Langi is  a great place for romantic dinner and spending an evening here is a must!!

    Baraka Bungalow

    Offers a great fish and seafood grill with rice and vegetables for dinner. Very cheap and tasty. Tables are on the beach, fish and sea food are on display for you to choose from. Excellent choice for dinner.

    Mama Mia

    If you fancy a pizza, they make the best one in Nungwi! As well as lots of other good Italian dishes and great ice cream and desserts. Great for both lunch and dinner.

    Flame Tree Cottages

    Enjoy a romantic dinner, in a tranquil garden, while soaking you feet in the sand and listening to the sound of the Ocean. Offering freshly cooked dishes: catch of the Day, Jumbo Prawns, Lobster (pre-order) and a good selection of Swahili and International dishes.

    Nungwi Inn

    Offers pasta, pizza, fish, etc… Good place to have lunch on the beach during the daytime.

    Local food

    Right beside the village supermarket you’ll find both Chef Bakery and Munira restaurants. Serving great local food, tasty, clean and good quality. Most customers are actually tourists. From 7,000ts a plate.


    In most days, bars in Nungwi gets empty before midnight. So, don’t get there late! On average, a beer will cost 5,000ts and a cocktail 10,000ts.

    Mangi’s Bar

    Best bar in Nungwi. This is where you’ll find all of Nungwi’s expats. Great place for a sunset drink. The place to watch European football league. Spontaneous parties happen very often and Mangi will stay open until the last man leaves. By far, the most popular bar in Nungwi. And this is the place to find us at nights 😉

    Gerry’s Bar

    Small cozy bar with great atmosphere as well as good music and drinks. It is located by the Hilton hotel, away from the main beach, thus making it less crowded. In addition, the bar offers very good South African style cooking.

    Cholo’s Bar

    Used to be Zanzibar most famous bar. At Thursday nights party it is full and can be nice. Otherwise, on other week days there is not too much going on.

    Kendwa Rocks

    If you are looking for a crowded party this is obviously the place. Every Saturday from 22:00 until the morning. It is located in Kendwa Beach. Taxi cost 10,000tzs each way and entrance fees are 20,000tzs.


    Spending time relaxing on the beach is great. But, if you are getting restless, there are many things to do around Nungwi. It is safe to walk around and Nungwi is quite a big village to explore. When tide is low, you can even visit Kendwa beach, located 20 minutes walk along the beach.

    The fish market

    The local fishermen leave for their night fishing around 4pm everyday, dotting the horizon with tens of dhows and their white-sails. Its just a gorgeous moment that you’ll want to make sure you have your camera for.
    The next morning at around 6.30 to 7am, the fisherman are back with their catch of all shapes and sizes. See fish and sea creatures you have never seen before on the market ready for sale. Watch as the locals bid for the best catch, or if you feel like cooking, try to snag a tuna or snapper for grilling.

    Dhow Boats Building

    Next to the fish market you can see the local craftsmen building the dhows boats. Watch the techniques that have been used for decades and centuries.

    Diving or Snorkeling

    Mnemba Atoll, located just a boat ride from Nungwi, is Zanzibar’s famous marine park. It offers rich variety of aquatic life as well as often Dolphin encounters. This makes it a great place to spend a day out, on a boat, snorkel or even diving . In fact, if you have never dived before but can swim, there is no better place to try Discover Scuba Diving.

    Sunset cruises

    Everyday at around 16:30 to 18:30 you can enjoy a sunset cruise organised locally. The local guys will entertain you with some drums and songs. It’s the perfect way to finish your day.

    Turtle Aquarium

    $5 entrance fee. The Mnarani Aquarium offers a chance for the non divers to see and feed turtles. The turtles swim in a natural coral pool.

    Supposedly, turtle that are injured or caught by fishing nets are brought here by local fisherman in order to rehabilitate. Once a year some of the turtles are released back into the sea. We are in doubts regarding how this business helps conserving Zanzibar’s turtles. In fact, many healthy turtles are brought to the aquarium and kept in those pools for long periods of time for business reasons mainly.

    Nungwi Village

    Nungwi is a small village that you can walk around and locals are used to seeing many tourist everyday. Buy some fruit, painting and souvenir from the local shops in the village main road. Please be advised that when going to the village you should keep your shoulders and knees covered to respect the local culture.

    Volleyball & Football

    Every day at the beach of Nungwi Inn Hotel around 17:00. Locals and tourist are playing till sunset. Everyone is welcome!! As well, football is a common game played on the beach by locals. You can just join in and have some fun!

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