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    Zanzibar Dive Boats
    Did you know that going to Mnemba Atoll on a local boat takes close to 2hr???
    Our Explorer gets there in 35min!!!

    Explorer Speed Boat

    Explorer is the fastest boat in our fleet. It is powered by 2 new 225hp Mercury Optimax motors and it is dedicated to operate our daily Mnemba trips.

    This boat is 11 meters long and 3 meters wide which gives you lots of space to walk around. It can comfortably fit 15 divers. And because it is built tall, it gives you more safety, even in high seas.

    While Explorer is 75% shaded, it has a cushioned tanning area for you to enjoy the sun during a surface interval. All seats are cushioned with plenty of space for you and your dive gear, making it easy to put it on and do a pre-dive safety check. There is a spacious dry cabinet where you can store your bags.

    The Explorer has an easy entry/exit area at the back where you can comfortably step into the water.

    Kidude Traditional Dhow

    Zanzibar Dive Boats

    Kidude is the most spacious and comfortable boat in our fleet. This boat is used for shorter trips close to Nungwi, as well as longer trips to Mnemba Atoll, Leven Bank and Tumbatu Island.

    This 12 meters traditional Dhow was built and designed recently by Spanish Dancer Divers with an emphasis on customers comfort. It is designed for 16 divers with lots of extra space to walk around. The boat is powered by 2 new, silent 90hp Suzuki motors which allows us to get quickly to any dive spot in the area.

    Kidude is a large boat and it provides lots of safety and balance even in high seas. It is 70% shaded and if you are here to enjoy the sun, it has a big tanning area at the front. As well, there is a closed dry cabinet where you can store your bags.

    On Kidude, we do a back roll entry and there is a ladder to easily climb back to the boat.

    Mazoweya Traditional Dhow

    Zanzibar Dive Boats

    Mazoweya is the smallest dive boat in our fleet. It is mainly used as a replacement boat when our other boats are busy or in maintenance.

    This 10 meters traditional Dhow is custom designed for 12 divers. It is powered by 2x 40hp motors. It is 70% shaded with a tanning area at the front. The boat has a big dry area where you can keep your bags.

    On Mazoweya, we do a back roll entry and there is a ladder to easily climb back to the boat.

    High Quality Dive Gear

    Our dive gear is guaranteed to be better quality than your average dive shop gear. We prefer to invest more, so you can have the best experience underwater.

    At Spanish Dancer Divers, we understand that the shape of a man’s body is different to a woman’s body. That is why we keep equipment especially designed for men and for women, whether it’s a BCD, wetsuit or a mask.
    All of our dive gear is maintained on a regular basis by specialists.

    We have Steel Faber Euro Cylinder tanks 10L / 12L / 15L with adapters, so you can use both DIN or YOK connection. The tanks are short, so they won’t get in your way underwater. Being made of steel, they give you 2kg of negative buoyancy which means 2kg less in your weight pockets.

    Tusa Liberator BCDs and Tusa Jasmine (woman) BCD’s. Very high quality and comfortable BCDs. Includes an integrated weight system, big zippered pockets and D-rings for all your diving accessories.

    Scuba Pro MK-2 regulators, Includes depth and pressure consoles, light weight and flow adjustable second stages. Scuba Pro regulators are considered to be the best regulators worldwide.

    Mares Avanti SuperChannel open fin with dive boots, so you can move easily and effortlessly underwater.

    If you still haven’t found a mask that perfectly fits your face, you’ll find it here. A wide variety of Reef masks for a large, medium and small face, all with neoprene straps.

    All sizes, flexible 5mm / 3mm Reef suits, men’s and women’s models.

    Our two Bauer compressors are well maintained by an official Bauer technician and our advanced filtering system guarantees pure air. You can find us on Bauer pure air dive centers worldwide.
    We assure you of the highest quality when it comes to air and dive gear.

    High Safety Standards

    Safe diving in Zanzibar is our highest priority. Any safety issue is uncompromisingly dealt with directly by management.

    Our instructors strictly adhere to safety standards recommended by PADI and DAN, whether you are completing a certification course or going on a fun dive. We are members of the nearest hyperbaric chamber in Matemwe, 25 min away, which we also help to maintain.

    Life vests / Emergency Oxygen / First aid kits / Fire extinguishers / spare gear are on-board at all times. Most staff are Emergency First Response certified.

    Our boats haul 2 engines. All our captains have more than 10 years experience working in our area, in all sea conditions. Our boat captains and crew are all divers. They are always ready to jump in the water to give a hand if needed.

    Our instructors use a surface buoy, making sure you are seen by the boat at all times. We only take small groups. That way there is always someone experienced watching over you underwater.

    We consult with Wind Guru / Buoy Weather / Zanzibar tide calendar every day before planning your dives. At the dive location our experienced instructors and captains are encouraged to make the final decision. Add to that Zanzibar’s friendly sea conditions and yes, it is very safe diving in Zanzibar.

    Spanish Dancer Divers asks all of our customers to report any safety issues they witnessed directly to the manager in charge. We do not tolerate divers with unsafe diving habits, we would advise them to dive somewhere else! We strongly encourage you, our customers, help us keep it safe! For your sake and ours 🙂

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